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EVAL™ enables to produce lighter fuel tanks with very low evaporative emissions.

Filler Pipe Applications

Compared to their metal equivalents, plastic fuel filler pipes are much lighter in weight. Using plastic fuel filler pipes saves on the overall weight of the vehicle. Flexible fuel filler pipes give car manufacturers greater freedom in the positioning of the fuel tank for both practical and safety purposes.

The barrier properties of an EVAL™ layer add to the barrier performance, enhancing the overall performance of the fuel filler pipes.

An EVAL™  layer in a multilayer fuel filler pipe reduces the gas permeation to an absolute minimum, hance meeting the strict international emission standard regulations (Euro, EPA and CARB).

What an EVAL™ barrier layer offers:

Typical applications

Typical structure (in / out)

Fuel filler pipes

HDPE/tie/EVAL™/tie/Regrind/HDPE + masterbatch

Processing method

Coextrusion blow moulding