Applications / Cosmetics / Thermoformed


EVAL™ enhances the preservation of fragrances and ensures prolonged effectiveness of cosmetic agents.

Thermoformed Sheet Applications


Thermoformed trays packaging cosmetics have to protect the colour, the fragrance and the valuable active components of your cosmetics.

EVAL Europe has especially developed EVAL™ T and J types to provide a very effective and strong protection of the content, even under deep thermoforming conditions. Both EVAL™ T and J types also enable to keep the transparency that is required to market your packed product.

Even during handling and storage, the rigidity of the barrier containers will avoid any loss of the packaged goods.

What an EVAL™ barrier layer offers:





Typical applications

Typical structure (in / out)

Thermoformed portion packs of
shampoo, foam baths and liquid soaps



Processing methods:

Sheet coextrusion and thermoforming