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Food packaging

EVAL™ preserves the flavour and the quality of the food for an extended period of time.

Flexible structures and coextruded film for lamination

Food packaging should not only keep oxygen out and lock aroma and MAP gases in, but it should also look attractive at the point of purchase to give customers an extra incentive. Packaging has to be light in weight yet strong enough to maintain all its powerful characteristics during transport or handling.

Flexible MAP and overwrap

Typical applications Typical structure  (in / out)
High-barrier laminate pouch/package PET/PE/tie/EVAL™/tie/EVA
Fresh red meat, fish, cheese PET/PE/tie/EVAL™/tie/PE/PE
High-barrier formable structures PA/EVAL™/PA/tie/PE
Fresh pasta, half-baked bread PA/EVAL™/PA/tie/lonomer
Pouch, Bag-in-box, overwrap PE/tie/EVAL™/tie/PE
Juice, wine, sauces, tomato paste PE/tie/EVAL™/tie/EVA

What an EVAL™ barrier layer offers:

- Outstanding oxygen barrier to protect the valuable ingredients of the food
- Extended shelf life for MAP (Modified Atmosphere packaging)
- Printability with high-quality and eye-catching graphics
- Often the thickness of the package can be reduced, saving money and limiting environmental impact
- Confidence that food will remain fresh during transport and storage
- Excellent barrier against aroma and MOSH/MOAH mineral oils with an EVAL™ thickness of 4µm

Flexible Aroma MOSH/MOAH barrier
- reliable shelf life for liquid packaging
- halogen and metal free
- compatible with metal detectors
- particularly suitable for BIB (bag-in-box), UHT milk and other stand-up pouches.

Flexible liquid packaging


Processing method
Coextrusion cast and blown film

Depending on the method, the condition and the secondary process, EVAL™ L, F, T, H, E and G types can be used. All EVAL™ types are pasteurisable. Retortable grades and special orientable SP gradees are also available.