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Food packaging

EVAL™ preserves the flavour and the quality of the food for an extended period of time.

Thermoformed Sheet

Food that is presented in cups made of thin, crystal-clear plastic, looks particularly appetising. Crystal-clear barrier cups and trays are a fast-growing segment in the packaging market.

The most important requirement for these thermoformed sheet packaging is that it protects the flavour of the contents, keeping it fresh for a long period of time, even in non-refrigerated conditions.

FOOD_APPLICATIONS_THERMOFORMED_1Kuraray has especially developed EVAL™ types T and J to provide an excellent oxygen barrier and a good transparency and to ensure that the food retains its flavour and colour for a long period of time. Even under deep forming conditions, these two EVAL™ types provide a good and even layer distribution, which makes them particularly suited for thermoformed packaging applications.

Coextruded multilayer thermoformed cups with an oxygen barrier layer of EVOH can easily be pasteurised and show a remarkable resistance against deformation upon thermal treatment.

What an EVAL™ barrier layer offers:

Typical applications

Typical structure  (in / out)

Retortable food trays, sauces

PP/regrind/tie/EVAL™ T type/tie/PP

Baby food, soup

PP/regrind/tie/EVAL™ T type/tie/regrind/PP

Prepared meals, sauces, dairy

PS/regrind/tie/EVAL™ T type/tie/regrind/PE

Deep draw, transparent, SPPF

PS/tie/EVAL™ J type/tie/PS

Beverage, fruit cup, meat trays

PS/tie/EVAL™ J type/tie/PE
PP/tie/EVAL™ J type/tie/PP

Processing methods

Sheet coextrusion and thermoforming