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Food packaging

EVAL™ preserves the flavour and the quality of the food for an extended period of time.

Bottle and Tube Applications

FOOD_APPLICATIONS_TUBE_1Traditionally packaged in heavy glass bottles, plastic sauce and liquid packaging is expected to be light weight and sharply reduce the risk of breakage during processing, handlign and transport. LDPE, HDPE and PP however do not provide enough protection from oxygen to avoid discolouration and the degradation of vitamins.

High barrier Bottle and Tube packaging with EVAL™ blocks oxygen ingress, extending shelf life and ensuring vitamen content.  Tomato-based sauces remain fresh and keep their appetising red colour, without the need for added antioxidants.

All plastic barrier bottles and tubes are also flexible and easy to squeeze without losing its shape, even after frequent usage.

What an EVAL™ barrier layer offers:


Typical applications

Typical structure (in / out)

Ketchup, mustard, sauces and tomato paste


Baby milk, nutraceuticals, fruit juices, PE/tie/EVAL™/tie/PE


Processing method

Coextrusion blow mouldingTube coextrusion