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EVAL™ has outstanding gas barrier properties and is resistant to chemical agents.


When plastics are exposed to solvents or other chemical substances, many plastic materials will swell, soften, elute or deform. Moreover, chemicals that are packaged in plastic bottles will also easily evaporate.

EVAL™ resins offer very high resistance to hydrocarbons, oils and organic solvents. This makes them the material of choice for the packaging of organic solvents, agrochemicals and pesticides.

In addition to the high resistance to many organic substances, the permeation rate of those chemical solvents through an EVAL™ layer is very slow compared to other plastics. Thanks to this outstanding characteristic of EVAL™ resins, plastic containers can safely hold chemical solvents and substances inside for an extended period of time, without any deformation.

EVAL™ resins can be used on the inside layer of the packaging and will be in direct contact with the contents, providing the best barrier against chemicals.

What an EVAL™ layer offers:

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Chemical packaging bottles


Industrial (bottle)

Processing method:

Coextrusion blow moulding