Applications / Industrial / Flexible


EVAL™ has outstanding gas barrier properties and is resistant to chemical agents.

Flexible applications

People working with chemical substances have to be able to rely for 100% on the protective working of their safety gloves. These gloves have to provide an excellent protection to avoid aggressive chemical substances to be in contact with the skin.

A lot of plastic materials deform, soften and elute when exposed to solvents or other chemical substances. EVAL™ resins offer very high resistance to hydrocarbons, oils and organic solvents, which makes them very suitable to be used for protective clothing.

EVAL™ resins can be used on the outside layer of the clothing and will be in direct contact with the chemical substances, providing the best barrier against them.

What an EVAL™ layer offers:

Typical applications

Typical structure (in / out)

Safety gloves
Building and construction film


Chemical protective clothing


safety glove

Processing methods:

Blown and cast film