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R&TS Lab Engineer

Geert Herremans

NAME:          Geert HERREMANS
FUNCTION:   R&TS Lab Engineer

Joined Kuraray: 1999

I started working for EVAL Europe nv in February 1999, initially as a QC lab technician, where I learned to know the EVOH production process and all the quality parameters involved.

After two years I became the only lab technician for the R&TS laboratory. While analyzing customer samples to determine the quality of the end product, or to help in trouble shooting, I came more into contact with our customers and the wide variety of different applications of our EVAL product. I learned the value of well developed packaging design and the need to protect the food as well as possible, in order to reduce food waste.

Kuraray is an innovation-driven company that is constantly exploring new application fields. This means that the lab also needs to keep up, by finding new test methods and even developing our own, new test procedures.

At this moment the lab has grown from 1 to 4 people, and every year we invested in additional lab and processing equipment. We evolved from a purely technical service lab to a real research lab that is more and more involved in R&D related work.

I've always experienced Kuraray as a no-nonsense company with open communication and with the freedom to develop yourself as much as possible. I can only recommend working for this company. So far I have never regretted the decision I made, back in 1999, to start working for Kuraray.