EVAL™ Processing / Basics / Packaging, Storage & Moisture Absorption

Packaging, Storage & Moisture Absorption

EVAL™ resins are hydroscopic and absorb moisture from the environment when they are not properly protected. Depending upon the fabrication process, an increase in the moisture content of EVAL™ resins can cause difficulties in processing: foaming, voids and gels in the final structure can occur at increased moisture levels (above 0.4wt%).

EVAL™ resins are produced with a moisture content far below 0.3% and are packaged in moisture-proof bags and octabins. After opening the package, it is important to prevent excessive moisture absorption, especially in hot and humid environments.

In the package, the moisture content is controlled to less than 0.25%. This means that EVAL™ resins do not need to be dried when they are processed immediately after opening the package. During handling and storage however, precautions have to be taken to avoid moisture absorption. If needed, EVAL™ resins can be dried under proper conditions prior to processing.