EVAL™ Processing / Sheet-Forming / Cast Sheet Coextrusion

Cast Sheet Coextrusion

The cast multilayer barrier sheets are produced with the coextrusion technology in three different configurations: feed block/monolayer die, feed block/multimanifold die or multimanifold die alone. During the cast sheet coextrusion process, the resin is extruded through a flat slit onto a chill roll where it is cooled progessively. The rotation speed of that roll controls the draw ratio and the final thickness of the structure.

In addition, the clearance of calendering chilled roll controls the final thickness of the whole structure. This technology, unlike the blown coextrusion technology, enables to produce coextruded sheets with a thickness above 250 µm.

The coextruded cast structures are often further transformed by thermoforming.

EVAL™ resins for cast sheet coextrusion

Different factors have to be taken into account for the processing: the melt properties of the different products entering in the composition of the complex, the structure (homopolymer PP, random PP, PS or PET based structures) and the end use (Melt Phase Forming or Solid Phase Pressure Forming of homopolymer PP).
We recommend the following EVAL™ grades for the cast sheet coextrusion (>250µm):

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Ethylene Content





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